Grabowski, McQueen, Stitzel promoted

Oct. 20, 2020

Three IPHY faculty members have recently advanced in their positions in the Department: Alena Grabowski has been promoted to Associate Professor with tenure; Matt McQueen and Jerry Stitzel have both been promoted to Professor. Congratulations to all three of them on reaching this new milestone in their careers. The IPHY...

Tom Johnson wins Arthur W. Rowe Best Paper Award

July 2, 2020

Prof. Tom Johnson’s research article "Genetic suppression of cryoprotectant toxicity" published in Cryobiology Vol. 86, Feb. 2019 has been named the Arthur W. Rowe Best Paper Award Winner. This award recognize the most outstanding paper published annually in the journal Cryobiology . Cryobiology is the study of biological materials subjected...

Teresa Foley awarded Teaching Professorship

May 22, 2020

Teresa Foley has been selected to receive the honorary title of Teaching Professor. The working title of Teaching Professor is given to a select group of Senior Instructors to recognize a record of distinction. The title carries the expectation that the individual is not only an exemplary teacher, but has...

Congratulations graduates!

May 12, 2020

The Department of Integrative Physiology offers our congratulations to the graduates of 2020! Although commencement ceremonies were cancelled, our faculty, staff and students have pooled their time and resources to create a Spring 2020 IPHY Recognition video to commemorate this momentous occasion in the careers of our graduating students, which...

Researcher on aging confronts his own mortality

May 12, 2020

A recent article in the Washington Post takes a look back at Prof. Tom Johnson's revolutionary discovery that launched a new era in aging research. It also brings us forward to the present day as Johnson, who still maintains an active, diverse research program, confronts a worrisome prognosis. With characteristic...

Janet Casagrand wins Marinus Smith Award

May 4, 2020

Senior Instructor Janet Casagrand has been nominated and selected as a Marinus Smith Award recipient from New Student & Family Programs. The purpose of this award is to provide an opportunity for students to recognize CU Boulder faculty, staff, coaches and administrators who have made a significant impact in their...

Coronavirus control measures aren’t pointless – just slowing down the pandemic could save millions of lives

March 11, 2020

Spring forward brings surge of deadly crashes, study finds

March 9, 2020

Dietary compounds found to influence gut metabolites, buffering stress

March 5, 2020

Ken Wright named a College of Arts and Sciences Professor of Distinction

Jan. 27, 2020

Professor Ken Wright is one of four University of Colorado Boulder faculty members to have been named 2019 Professors of Distinction by the College of Arts and Sciences in recognition of their exceptional service, teaching and research. The honorific title is reserved for scholars and artists of national and international...