Because of their contributions to campus and the wider community, a large number of students who have graduated from the INVST Community Leadership Program have also received one of the highest honors in CU’s College of Arts & Sciences, the Jacob Van Ek Award.

Following are the winners since 2001:

Year Recipient Mentor
2001 Jamie Rezmovits Jim Downton
2003 Amy L. Weiner Seana Lowe
2004 L. Cheyenne Sobieniak-Wiseman Seana Lowe
  Kaye A. Jones Cathy Comstock
  Nicholas H. Hedlund Cathy Comstock
2005 Alexis Bencze  
  Maren Gauldin  
  David Meens  
  Amy Hutmacher  
2007 Anna Koclanes  
2008 Taylor K. Levy  
2009 David Hinojosa  
2012 Ashley Basta Cathy Comstock
  Kyle Huelsman Jennifer Bair and Sabrina Sideris
2013 Olivia Jones David Meens
  Samantha LaPres David Meens
  Lucas Polglaze Sabrina Sideris
2015 Nathan Zick-Smith  
2017 Andrea Baeza Breinbauer  Rolf Norgaard
2018 Lorena Aguilar Santana                                                                     
2019 Hattie Houser  
2019 Makena Lambert                                                                                

Olivia Gardner

2022 Areyana Proctor                             Cathy Comstock