CU-Boulder CampusUndergraduate Degree Program Admissions 

Undergraduate international students are students who have completed a secondary school and are pursuing a bachelor’s degree, and who have or will be applying for a temporary U.S. Visa, such as an F-1 or J-1.

Visit the Admissions website to:

  • Find a program of study
  • Download our international brochure
  • See our international travel schedule
  • See admissions requirements
  • In addition to English, some materials are available in Arabic, Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish, Thai, Turkish, and Vietnamese.

Graduate Degree Program Admissions

You are a graduate student if you have completed or will complete a four-year bachelor’s degree program or its equivalent at a college or University prior to attending the University of Colorado Boulder.

Visit the Graduate Admissions website to:

  • Find a program of study
  • Find information on how to apply

Non-degree Programs

Non-degree programs for English as a Second Language are offered through the International English Center (IEC), in the Division of Continuing Education.  

The IEC provides academic English language training to current and prospective CU students whose first language is not English. Students receive instruction in writing, reading, listening and speaking, academic vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation each day. Students may also take elective courses that focus on improving certain language skills and learning specialized content. Through service learning, extracurricular activities, and class-based projects, students also gain insight about US and academic culture. These services are not included in CU tuition and fees. 

See an overview of programs on the IEC website.