Published: April 29, 2016

The UN warns of growing xenophobia in Austria.


UN chief secretary Ban Ki-Moon spoke to the Austrian parliament on Thursday, expressing his concerns to a newly passed bill that would allow Austria to reject all refugees and migrants at their border. Austria would have to declare a state of emergency before implementing this practice.

Austria has seen a surge of far-right supporters in the past months as the country has faced a massive wave of migrants and refugees from war-torn Middle Eastern countries. The small Alpine country sits between Italy and the Balkans making it a pivotal point for refugees trying to make their way to the North of Europe.

Italy to fingerprint all migrants rescued at sea.

Migrants crossing the Mediterranean Sea rarely intend to remain in Italy, the first European country on their path. Refugees and migrants coming from Africa often aim to continue their travel towards richer countries such as Germany and England.

In an attempt to track refugees who intend to leave Italy and make their way into mainland Europe unlawfully, the Italian government will begin to take fingerprints of all migrants rescued at sea. The government in Rome is implementing this tactic to mitigate rising tensions regarding the refugee crisis in Europe.

Riot breaks out in refugee camp in Greece.

A riot broke out on the Greek island of Lesbos this Tuesday after a fight between unaccompanied Syrian minors in the refugee camp of Moria.

The riot was met with force by the Greek police, who intervened to sedate it with tear gas. The malcontent and precarious conditions of the refugees, mainly escapees from the devastion of the Syrian Civil War, paved the way for an outburst of violence.

The great majority of refugees have no intention in remaining on Greek soil and are waiting for a chance to proceed to Northern Europe.