Published: April 14, 2016 By

Nebraska moves to allow professional licenses for immigrants


Citizenship classes held by a Los Angeles-based immigrant rights organization. Photo Credit: CARCEN

For youths granted temporary legal status under President Obama’s executive action, the bill passed Wednesday by Nebraska lawmakers means they now have legal access to more than 170 professions.

Sen. Heath Mello of Omaha introduced the bill after he learned some of the youth in the Omaha area were getting trained in the medical field and then exiting the state and taking their expertise to Iowa because they weren’t able to get licensed in Nebraska.

This issue isn’t confined to Nebraska. It has surfaced in Florida and California’s state legislatures as well and is expected to spread.

Republicans unintentionally prompted this push to help 8 million immigrants become citizens

President Obama’s program to shield millions of immigrants from deportation was blocked more than a year ago, but that hasn’t stopped immigration advocacy groups and volunteers. They’ve used their money and volunteers to help immigrants who are residing in the U.S. legally to gain citizenship. States like California and Nevada have recently held citizenship workshops to provide free help filling out citizenship applications and practice casting ballots.

 Apprehensions of Mexican migrants at U.S. borders reach near-historic low

Debates among political candidates are heated. The hype in the media is significant. The actual numbers reveal a slightly different story.

Recent statistics released by the Pew Research Center and the INEGI (Mexico’s top statistical agency) indicate that the flow of immigrants from Mexico to the United states is actually at a near-historic low.

Several things have caused the decline including the Great Recession which caused a decrease in the number of jobs available, a stricter enforcement of immigration laws at the border and the decline of Mexico’s youth population.