Published: March 11, 2016 By

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Hillary Can’t Decide Whether or Not to Deport Children

Wednesday night, Hillary Clinton abandoned her prior stance on the deportation of children immigrating to the united states, stating that she “would not deport children.” This change is being viewed as a political ploy, as in the past Ms. Clinton has condemned children fleeing cartel-controlled communities in Central America. Many attribute her move to the left on this issue as a result of Sen. Sanders position on repatriating such minors.

Trump’s Modeling Agency Profited off Cheap Foreign Labor

In direct contrast to the views that GOP front-runner Donald Trump has expressed denouncing, and arguably discriminating against, undocumented workers in the United States, a modeling agency owned by Trump has reportedly done just that. An investigation by CNNMoney has found Trump’s agency in direct violation with federal law, capitalizing on the cheap labor of those Trump commonly refers to as “illegals.”

Majority of Americans Fear Rising Number of Immigrants

When asked if they would support a more expansionist policy on immigration, a majority of the Americans polled by Rasmussen opposed such a change. This opinion is reflective of American views not only on illegal immigrants entering the US, but also those migrants who go through the legal steps toward citizenship.