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In our Anecdotal Evidence column, movers and shakers share personal stories of how intriguing (and often odd) campaigning in their respective swing state can be.

Tucker Martin – GOP VA Consultant, Christie Super PAC Adviser


Tucker Martin. Photo: Lars Gesing/CU News Corps

“Virginia is probably the most tradition-bound state in the country. In many ways, living in Virginia is like living in a museum. (…) Virginians are very proud of their state. We are a very cocky people. There is that old saying, ‘North Carolina is the valley of humility between two mountains of conceit.’ I love that quote.

“Virginians have every reason to be kind of cocky. As we say, ‘You are welcome, America.’

“I can’t speak to it empirically or quantify it, but Virginians want to be proud of their state. They want to feel good about the people who lead this state. Virginians are inordinately proud that the University of Virginia is one of the top universities in the country. We are inordinately proud of our history and what we have given the country.

“There is a very substantive, serious streak (of voters). Even if you just moved here, you do get that there is something special about Virginia.

“I get how that strikes people in other states as kind of odd, but it is true. There is a lot of history here. It means something. It is a vein that goes through everything.”


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