All ticketed arrivals will be for Sunday, May 31st, 2020. (If you are on the quarter system, let us and your faculty member know; we are usually able to accommodate late arrivals to the program.)

All ticketed departures will be for Friday, August 7th, 2020. Residence halls close on this date. If you require special travel arrangements, please contact Amahl Turczyn at 303-492-4607.

Once you agree to the city and time of departure and we ticket your flight, you will be responsible for any change fees if you miss that flight!  Please make us aware immediately of any late or cancelled flights, and we will work to get you to your destination as soon as possible.

The SMART Program has the potential to be a huge learning experience for incoming students if they want it to be – and one of the most important aspects of the education is learning to work together, whether it’s in a research lab, a river raft, or a dorm room. Students usually form great and lasting friendships with their SMART roommates after only a few days, but occasionally differences in personality arise, so to assure that you have the best possible lodging situation during this already demanding 10-week program, please give us some insight on your rooming preferences so that we can match you with similar participants.
Note that the Center for Community Dining Hall can accommodate all variants of vegetarian, vegan, omnivore, and anything in between. Please also note that CU-Boulder is a non-smoking campus!
This STATEMENT OF UNDERSTANDING lists the requirements and provisions of the 2019 SMART program. Please read carefully. The primary purpose of participating in the SMART program is to gain advanced research, laboratory, and technical writing experience. The SMART program centers on the student-faculty mentor relationship, in which each student is individually guided in conducting research. The participant will devote full time to the SMART program. He/she will not take part in any other academic or work-related activity, such as attending classes or holding a part-time job during the SMART program. There is no vacation time allowed. The participant will complete a research project proposal and a thesis paper during the course of the program. The participant will present her/his research project at the Leadership Alliance National Symposium and during the SMART Poster Symposium. Students who fail to complete the program forfeit the final stipend payment. All SMART interns will live in the housing arranged by SMART program staff and follow both the established and the SMART program residence hall rules. The participant will take part in the academic components of the program, including workshops in technical writing and communication skills, evening seminars, and group meetings. The participant may elect to participate in the recreational and cultural activities offered during the program. These activities may include, but not be limited to, whitewater rafting, mountain hiking and cultural events in Boulder and Denver. Transportation to and from most activities will be provided in University rental vehicles or buses driven by SMART staff members. The SMART program provides the interns with tuition and fees for CU credit, room and board, transportation to and from Boulder and the Leadership Alliance Symposium, and a monthly stipend. Students will participate in a walk-through of their dormitory at the beginning and end of the program with CU Housing staff. Students will be financially responsible for any and all damage done to CU property. There will also be a lock change fee for lost or unreturned keys. I hereby certify that I have reviewed this Statement of Understanding and will adhere to the SMART program’s requirements and provisions. I understand that SMART reserves the option of dismissing from the program any student who does not follow the requirements described above. Students who are dismissed forfeit all remaining SMART financial support and are required to leave the residence hall.
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