The Colorado Diversity Initiative is steadfast in its commitment to promoting diversity and ensuring equitable educational opportunities within the realms of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). At the core of our mission is the formation and nurturing of a dynamic community, comprising dedicated faculty, staff, and graduate students. This community is united by a shared vision of initiating systemic change and championing social justice in STEM fields. Our programs are strategically designed to not only support underrepresented students in their academic pursuits but also to cultivate an inclusive and enriching environment where diverse perspectives are valued and leveraged. Through collaborative efforts and innovative approaches, the CDI endeavors to dismantle barriers, foster a culture of inclusion, and pave the way for a more diverse and equitable STEM landscape at CU Boulder.

CDI Mission & Vision



Our mission is to work towards an inclusive CU Boulder graduate community by optimizing recruitment, support, and retention strategies that honor diverse backgrounds, ways of knowing, and lived experiences of students. We envision CDI as the cornerstone for transformative shifts and institutional transformation, radically redefining recruitment, and retention to serve as a leader for equitable, accessible education.


Faculty and Staff 

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Christina Alston
Christina Alston, PhD
Director,  Colorado Diversity Initiative
Faculty Affiliate, School of Education


Amahl Turczyn

Amahl Turczyn
Program Coordinator, Colorado Diversity Initiative