The IAFS program would not be complete without the amazing Teaching Faculty members who are a part of it. Learn more about our Instructors and Teaching Professors below. 


antonio papuzza headshot

Antonio Papuzza

Teaching Associate Professor
Organizational Leadership and Information Analytics • Leeds School of Business
Dr. Antonio Papuzza is a senior instructor with Leeds School of Business where he teaches courses and modules in the fields of International Business (Fundamentals of International Business, Global Leadership, Cross-Cultural Management, Global Strategy, Operating in Emerging Markets, Global Business Ethics, Global Citizenship, Entrepreneurship for Indigenous Communities, Intercultural Communication) and Organizational Behavior (Leadership, Negotiation & Conflict Management, Organizational Development, Teamwork, and Systems Thinking) at undergraduate level (business students who pursue...
al pisano

Al Pisano

Post-Baccalaureate Assistant Teaching Professor
Computer Science • College of Engineering and Applied Science
Dr. Pisano has a wide breadth of dynamic experience and knowledge within the educational and corporate space with proven success as a presenter, thought leader, author, innovator, entrepreneur, K-12 administrator, higher education administrator, curriculum and program developer, educational consultant and instructor. For international affairs, he teaches courses related to cybersecurity. Besides teaching, he does consulting in the leadership space, develops many programs and courses, and has a few businesses. He...