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Geography • International Affairs

GUGG 103B, 260 UCB

Jennifer Fluri (Ph.D, Pennsylvania State University) is a feminist political geographer, with a concentration in conflict, security, and aid/development in South and Southwest Asia. Her doctoral research focused on the use of public and private space by the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA), a clandestine feminist-nationalist organization. Her post-doctoral research project examined the spatial arrangements, interactions, and gender roles within the international "community" in Kabul, Afghanistan in comparison with the "local" Afghan population.

Her current research examines gender, security and development in Afghanistan with a focus on women’s leadership and influence at multiple scales. This project includes analyses of the geopolitical changes including the US withdrawal, Taliban resurgence, and the experiences and responses of people in Afghanistan. 

In addition to this research, she co-direct the CU-Boulder Affordable Housing Research Initiative. This is a community engaged research project that seeks to use research to better understand housing needs and to assist organizations and individuals working on, providing, living in and seeking affordable housing in Colorado. They are currently examining individual experiences of racism and racial discrimination at the scale of neighborhoods and communities in Boulder.