andrea marr casanueva at vineyard
andrea with husband newborn son

Andrea Marr Casanueva’s passion for investing in her local community all started with her experiences abroad.

While finishing high school in Maine, she participated in a 10-week Outward Bound program to Central America, volunteering in rural cities. She continued to develop her interest in global issues by choosing to study International Affairs at CU Boulder. During her sophomore year, she visited Ecuador to work with local children and to help developing communities by building a playground, painting murals, and teaching English. A year later, she participated in a study abroad program to Brazil, focusing on social innovation and community development in rural and urban areas. When she graduated in December of 2011, Casanueva wondered where to move—many cities demonstrated the need for community growth and assistance.

After working in San Francisco for six months with the ALS Association, Casanueva returned to Maine to work in management for the family businesses, Dockside Grill and Handy Boat Service. In 2016, Casanueva joined her family’s philanthropic efforts as they launched the Marr-Anderson Family Foundation. “My experiences in other communities gave me the ability to see needs not only abroad, but also locally,” explains Casanueva. “It is one of the reasons I am truly passionate about the purpose and mission of the foundation.”

The Marr-Anderson Family Foundation provides support to the local community and public charitable organizations to encourage education, health, and entrepreneurial ventures, and Casanueva serves on the Board of Directors. “Most recently, we have been increasing our efforts in making a difference on an individual basis, providing educational scholarships for the local community,” shares Casanueva. The foundation recently gave a contribution to the Global Grants, to support global education for International Affairs students studying abroad. Her interests and contributions today were shaped by her experiences abroad, and she strives to share those same opportunities with others.