bordeaux program flyer - two girls eating snailsBordeaux Global Seminar


  • Course: IAFS 3500, France and America: Connections through Time (cross-listed as HIST 4190)
  • Credits: 3 upper-division credit hours
  • Approved for: This course is approved to fulfill the Arts & Sciences Historical Context core requirement. The course counts as Europe/Eurasia concentration and Functional Area 3 for IAFS majors, as an upper division elective credit for PSCI majors and 4190 for History majors.
  • Grading: This is a CU-Boulder course, so you will receive letter grades
  • Learn how two of the world's most influential powers, France and the United States, are uniquely connected
  • Fulfill the major degree requirements in IAFS, HIST or PSCI (see Academics section on the website)
  • Enjoy numerous excursions around Bordeaux and hear guest lectures by local faculty
  • Please note: this program often fills early - it is recommended that you apply in advance of the application deadline.