The I-CAMP school will take the form of a summit, bringing together prominent scientists as well as students and postdoctoral fellows. The meeting will explore current state and emerging new frontiers at the interface of materials science, nanoscience, and optics/photonics, whereas the Outreach Forum held in conjunction with it will allow the researchers to share their experience and advances in conducting outreach and disseminating scientific knowledge. Summer school organization will adhere to the Fraunfelder rules; we will assure that there will be enough time for discussion, and the speakers will be specifically asked to emphasize the open/emerging questions and unsolved problems. The focus will be on recent advances at the interface between materials physics and optics that promise to open up conceptually novel directions of research. The I-CAMP will enable researchers working at the forefronts of materials science, nanoscience, and optics to discuss the emerging uses of light for control and study of materials as well as the advances in the use of materials to control light. Being at the nexus of materials science, soft condensed matter physics, chemistry, optics, and photonics, the workshop theme is inherently interdisciplinary.

There will be several poster sessions and best poster personal award for each of the poster session sponsored by SPIE. Poster boards 3.5 ft (width) x 3 ft (height) in size will be provided.

Summer School List of Topics

  • Liquid crystals as an arena to study low-dimensional topology
  • Liquid crystal defects and their applications in singular optics
  • Opto-mechanics of liquid crystal polymers and elastomers
  • Laser trapping and manipulation in liquid crystals
  • Tunable and frequency-selective negative-index media
  • Light-induced phase transitions
  • Nonlinear optics of liquid crystals
  • Light-controlled surface anchoring phenomena
  • Confocal, multiphoton fluorescence, CARS and SRS microscopy of liquid crystals
  • Holographic polymer dispersed liquid crystals
  • Liquid crystals for solar cells and light harvesting
  • Light-controlled liquid crystalline polymers and elastomers
  • Optics of colloidal and nanostructured systems
  • Sensors and wavefront control devices
  • 3D Optics and Displays
  • Blue Phase Materials, Devices and Applications
  • Liquid Crystal Lasers
  • Liquid Crystals in Holographic and Stereoscopic Systems
  • Instabilities and Pattern Formation
  • Laser Beam Steering and Optical Switching
  • Liquid Crystal Based Metamaterials
  • Liquid Crystal Polymers, Elastomers and Gels
  • Liquid Crystal Based Semiconductors
  • Liquid Crystals in Sensing and Biosensing
  • Novel Phenomena in Liquid Crystal and Nano Composites
  • Optics of Lyotropic and Bio-relevant Anisotropic Material
  • Photoalignment of Liquid Crystals
  • Microfluidics and Optofluidics
  • Solitons in Anisotropic Materials

Invited Speakers: