Spring 2019 Schedule of Courses
Survey For Spring 2019 Class Preferences

Things to Note:

  • As of October 16, there are several classes which appear full at this time based on the surveys. The fully enrolled classes are labeled "FULL" on the Course Schedule page. Please keep in mind for various reasons enrollments change somewhat as time passes before the Spring semester begins.

  • As of October 18, a second section of MATH 2300 Calculus 2 has been added. Please see the Course Schedule page for details. An email confirmation will go to those that requested this class via the class survey to confirm another 17 students for this section.

  • Students who enter the college in the fall of 2018 or thereafter, however, MUST complete the General Education requirements and CANNOT complete the Core Curriculum.

  • Students who entered the College of Arts and Sciences before the fall 2018 have the option of completing EITHER the Core Curriculum requirements OR the new General Education requirements.

  • Be sure to communicate to your advisor which set of requirements you choose so that your courses are tabulated appropriately.

  • Honors RAP classes are seminar style with enrollments of 17 students.
  • Most Honors RAP courses fulfill core requirements for  the College of Arts and Sciences.
  • First Year Honors RAP students take one Honors RAP course each semester, both fall and spring. Enrollment and housing in the Honors RAP/Smith Hall is dependent upon this.
  • Honors RAP classes are available ONLY to students in the Honors RAP Smith Hall.  These classes have section #s 888R-890R; notice the R.
  • Honors RAP classes cannot be viewed in a Class Search in the registration system in MyCUinfo.
  • Registration for one’s Honors RAP class is done through the Honors RAP office.

Fall 2018 Schedule of Courses