Trust the process. Sorority recruitment is designed to provide opportunities for you to get to know the chapters and for the chapters to get to know you. At times, this process can seem chaotic and you may question how decisions are made. Feel free to ask questions but remember this process is tried and tested. It works, so trust the process.

Trust yourself. There are many variables that go into making the decision to join a sorority. You will be surrounded by opinions that may be different from your own. Don’t allow others to make the decision for you. Be open. After every round of recruitment, you will receive a schedule and you may discover that you did not receive your top choices or as many sororities back as other women in your group.

Stay positive. You will see that during the course of recruitment, your opinions can change drastically. Remember, it only takes one bid on bid day to join so be open and excited about the chapters that did invite you back.

Manage your time. The recruitment period can be both exciting and intense and it is important that you figure out a way to manage your time. Allow enough time for meals, homework and sleep so you can be ready for the next day.

Ask questions. Because this process only spans a few days, it is vital that you ask as many questions as possible. The Panhellenic Council and your Rho Gammas will be great resources during recruitment. It is also highly suggested that you ask questions of the chapters regarding membership expectations, financial obligations and housing requirements.

Be yourself. It is tempting at times during recruitment to alter your personality because you may feel that you need to fit in. However, it is so important to be true to yourself and let your own personality shine. We all want to get to know the real you!

Stay in the moment. We live in a world where it can be easy to connect with others through phone calls, text messages and social media. However, this can pull you away from being present and fully engaged in the process. If you choose to virtually engage with others, please do so in a positive and appropriate manner.

Make informed decisions. Making the decision to join a sorority is one that can change your life. In order to make the right decision for you, you need to pay attention and understand what it takes to be a member of an organization.

Maximize your potential. In order to maximize your chances of receiving a bid, it is highly recommended that you follow the advice of the Panhellenic Council. You must attend all scheduled parties and be willing to consider all groups as you go through the process. 

Stick with it. Even though this process can be stressful at times, don’t forget to have fun and don’t give up if it gets overwhelming. Even if you choose not to join an organization, you have the amazing opportunity to meet hundreds of great women that will make our large campus a connected community. 

Sleep! Naps are your best friend (but remember to set an alarm or two!) 

Come prepared! You will be provided a bag to bring with you during each round of Recruitment. Be sure to pack your water bottle (Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate!), deodorant, snacks, brush/comb, breath mints, Bandaids for your feet, makeup to touch up with, etc.  

Know your schedule. You need to be on time to morning meetings! We will take attendance. These will be on Zoom so you can log in while you get ready, but you must be on the call. Make your schedule your lock screen or keep it as a favorite photo so you can check it easily. 

Plan outfits in advance. No need to be scrambling to put together an outfit at 7 a.m.!

Write down your thoughts after each party. Keep some notes on your phone. How do you feel leaving? What did you talk about? Were you comfortable?

Make time for yourself. School always comes first. Remember to do something for yourself after each day. You can never go wrong with face masks, hot showers or froyo from the dining hall!

Focus on your own personal experience. You may be feeling differently than your friends and that is OK! This experience is 100% your own. Wanna know a secret? Every member of the Panhellenic community has best friends in chapters other than their own! Find where you feel the best. 

Rho Gammas are there to help you! You can be open and honest with them, honesty is the best way they can help you. There are no dumb questions!!