If you wish to send any letters of recommendation, please check the following links to ensure that you are sending them in the correct format and to the correct person.

Five things to know about recommendations

What is a recommendation?

A recommendation for sorority recruitment is not a letter in a traditional sense. Recommendations are forms or letters completed by an alumna member of a sorority recommending a potential new member for membership.

Each NPC sorority has its own policy regarding references for potential new members. Some NPC sororities accept recommendations, personal information forms and/or letters of support from their members, but some will not accept these recruitment aids at all. NPC sororities have moved away from requiring letters of recommendation as of 2021.

A recommendation is typically a form or letter completed by sorority alumnae to introduce a potential new member and to help the collegiate members determine if the potential new member would be a good match for their chapter. Letters of recommendation are not required to participate in the recruitment process!

Each (inter)national sorority has its own guidelines and there is no standard way recommendations should be written or submitted. 

Who should I ask? 

Recommendations are sorority-specific, which means that the women who write you recommendations must be alumnae of the sororities to which the letters are sent. 

Ideally, you should ask women who know you personally and can speak to your strengths and what sets you apart. However, if you do not know anyone from that particular organization, you could consider contacting your local area alumni Panhellenic association who will be able to help. It is just a Google search away!

I don’t have access to an alumnae, what do I do?

If you cannot find anyone in your local community who was a member of the sororities you will meet during primary recruitment, try inquiring with your local Panhellenic association. 

It is in your best interest to get your letters from a Panhellenic closest to your hometown whenever possible. 

What information should be included?

With so many women going through recruitment, recommendation letters provide chapter members an opportunity to be introduced to a woman prior to the beginning of primary recruitment. It is suggested to provide one letter per sorority on your campus. 

Although it can help, a recommendation does not guarantee an invitation to events or membership. If there are some you cannot obtain, don’t be overly concerned. It is the responsibility of a sorority organization to handle that information if it is necessary for new membership. We encourage you to move forward with the recruitment process even if you have not secured letters of recommendation for all or any of the chapters on campus. Most important is your recruitment experience and finding a place that you feel fits you best, regardless of your prior connections or recommendations. 

Be advised that recruits should not send supplemental information, pictures or gifts to the chapters. The information provided in the registration form and in the recommendations is sufficient. The chapters at CU Boulder base most of their decisions on the direct interactions that will take place during primary recruitment. Going above and beyond in this area is not recommended and we highly encourage each recruit to be themselves and trust the process. 

When are letters due?

All recommendations are due before recruitment rounds begin. You are encouraged to get them in as soon as you can!