Call: a vocal expression used by members of MGC and NPHC fraternities or sororities. Please do not repeat a call or response. It is considered a sign of disrespect.

Chant: a call used by members of MGC or NPHC organizations to acknowledge or gain the attention of others.

Club: a term used to denote someone who has the same line position as you.

Crossed: a term used by members of MGC and NPHC groups to indicate that a new member has fully initiated into a group.

Divine Nine (D9): refers to the nine organizations that make up the National Pan-Hellenic Council.

Informational: A forum for individuals interested in seeking information about a MGC or NPHC fraternity or sorority.

Ism: a term used to refer to an individual that has the same line number as you.

Line: a group of individuals going through the membership intake process together.

Line Brother/Sister: a term used for members of a MGC or NPHC organizations who were initiated at the same time into the same organization.

Multicultural Greek Council (MGC): The umbrella organization for the multicultural Greek letter organizations.

National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC): the governing body comprised of the 9 national historically African American fraternities and sororities.

Neo/Neophyte: a new member of a MGC or NPHC fraternity or sorority.

New Member Presentation/Probate: a performance where the newest members of a MGC or NPHC organization present history, reveal who they are and typically stroll or step.

Prophyte: a member of a MGC or NPHC group that has initiated new members into their organization.

Sands: a term used to refer to other members of MGC or NPHC groups who were initiated during the same term and year. They do not have to belong to the group.

Sign: a hand symbol unique to each MGC or NPHC group. Please do not imitate an organization’s sign; it is a sign of disrespect.

Stepping: a tradition where members synchronize their moves without music. Members will clap, stomp with their feet, jump, chant, etc.

Strolling: members move together in a line expressing pride for their organization through their call, sign or custom dances. Please do not imitate the stroll or cut in between members of the line.

Yard: a term used by NPHC groups to refer to the campus.