• Panhellenic Executive Council
    The governing body of the nine NPC sororities and two associate chapters at CU Boulder.
  • Interfraternity Council (IFC)
    The governing body of the fraternity organizations in Boulder.
  • Multicultural Greek Council (MGC)
    The governing body of the culturally based sororities and fraternities at CU Boulder.
  • Chapter
    The local organization of undergraduate students on a campus recognized by the university and the national or international organization.
  • Formal Recruitment
    Designated period in the fall when potential new members and Panhellenic sororities get to know each other through a week of structured events. Formal recruitment is a mutual selection process, which means that both the potential members and the individual sororities are making choices.
  • Rho Gamma
    An active sorority woman who has chosen to serve as recruitment counselor to assist and counsel potential new members during the formal recruitment process.
  • Potential New Members (PNM)
    A prospective new member of a sorority.
  • Legacy
    An immediate family member of an initiated member, generally sister or daughter. Some sororities also recognize grandchildren, stepsisters and stepdaughters.
  • Bid
    An invitation to join a sorority. You will receive your bid card on bid day upon completion of all rounds of recruitment.
  • New Member
    A person who accepts a bid from a fraternity or sorority chapter.
  • New Member Period
    The period of time prior to initiation when a new member learns about her sorority’s values and expectations, and develops relationships within that organization.
  • Initiation
    A formal ceremony during which new members become active members of their chapter.
  • Member
    A fully initiated undergraduate member of a fraternity or sorority.