​Since their founding in 1776, fraternities and sororities have provided students with a values based experience focusing on developing them as leaders, promote academic success, provide brotherhood and sisterhood, and connect them with the greater community through community and service efforts. Existing on hundreds of campuses across the country, and some internationally, the organizations provide a truly one of a kind collegiate experience.

Here at the University of Colorado, the fraternity and sorority experience has been a vital part of our students’ time on campus. With the community establishing itself as early as 1884 and the founding of Pi Beta Phi women’s fraternity, students within our community continue to flourish in a variety of areas within higher education. Fraternity & Sorority Life acts as a communication link and advocate between affiliated Greek organizations and the university and others outside of the university that have an interest in the Greek community at CU Boulder. Fraternity & Sorority Life also assists in the implementation of good self-governance and positive leadership development within the Greek community. Today the rich tradition continues with more than 3,600 students in our seven Multicultural Greek Council chapters, ten NPC organizations and three associate member chapters in Panhellenic, and seven CU Interfraternity Council chapters. We are excited to announce that we are now open for expansion to any fraternities wanting to join our community.

Fraternity & Sorority Life offers and coordinates a variety of programs, activities and services for members that are designed to ensure quality education and social experiences both inside and outside of the classroom. All services and resources are provided to chapter officers, members and advisors in addition to the councils that govern the community, inter/national headquarters representatives, alumni, community officials and parents of fraternity and sorority members as well as potential members.

 Our Services

  • Programming: Provide educational programs and learning opportunities via presentations at individual fraternities and sororities, as well as support for the programing efforts of the councils. Support advisors and house corporations through awareness of national trends and best practices.
  • Advocacy: Represent the needs and interests of the fraternity and sorority community within the university as well as to non-university constituents. Support the efforts of student leaders, advisors, house corporations and alumni through creation of new services and development efforts.
  • Advisement: Directly advise the efforts of council officers as well as regularly meet with fraternity and sorority presidents to provide advice and support. Hold quarterly meetings for advisors and house corporations. Meet with representatives of the inter/national offices of the fraternities and sororities.
  • Connections: Facilitate connections between Greek organizations and members of the university community, resources and programs. Encourage university department interaction and involvement in the Greek community.
  • Training: Plan and execute educational programming for council and chapter members. Work with individual officers in understanding the responsibilities of their positions. Provide training regarding the fraternity and sorority community to university departments and programs.
  • Standards: Encourage high standards in the areas of housing, recruitment, behavior and accountability, while acknowledging the value of peer governance. Guide the fraternity and sorority community towards becoming a national model fraternity and sorority community through the Community Advancement and Endorsement Program.

Our Commitment

  • Access: We promote outreach to all incoming students via the recruitment process and facilitate connections to university services and resources. We advocate for the needs of the members and organizations, help bridge relationships between the organizations and their inter/national headquarters and serves as an administrative resources for members and advisors.
  • Engagement: We advise and provide leadership development training opportunities and programming for fraternities and sororities. We assist students with acclimation into the fraternity and sorority community and leadership roles. We cultivate relationships with advisor and house corporation boards, facilitate relationships between organizations and departments, and advocate for collaboration and cooperation.
  • Diversity: Students within fraternities and sororities come from a myriad of backgrounds, races, ethnicities and socio-economic experiences. Service to the community to help people of all backgrounds is a priority for fraternity and sorority organizations. Philanthropic endeavors raise several hundred thousand dollars for charitable organizations. Countless hours of hands on service were provided directly to those in need.
  • Care: We serve as advisors and advocates. We respond to emergencies and provide support in difficult times. We offer connections to essential university services in time of need and serve as a resource to parents with questions or concerns. Additionally, we collaborate with professionals and departments to create a community of care.
  • Student Learning: We help students develop decision making skills in order to enhance leadership development, ethical growth and critical thinking. We facilitate student participation in regional and national conference which focuses on diverse and emerging issues. We encourage the use of best practices