Spencer Zeigler
Ph.D. Student

Advisor: Rebecca Flowers




  • B.A. University of Colorado Boulder

Undergraduate Experience

After transferring to CU-Boulder from a small school in Ohio, I decided to keep pursuing the  geology major I had started at my previous school. During my undergraduate degree, I was involved in designing research, teaching, and my own coursework! All of these stand out as things I loved about being at CU. 

I had always been captured by the little universes captured in a slice of rock. I got involved in research with Dr. Alexis Templeton, where I made and examined the detailed petrology of thin sections of hydrothermally-altered oceanic crust, and I then shared this research and the stories contained in those rocks at a national conference in 2018.

At CU, I was extremely lucky to take 3 different field classes. One of them was focused locally, here in Boulder, but the other two were two-week trips to the Southwest US. These trips involved camping with my classmates, deciphering the stories the rocks were telling in the field, and hiking the most gorgeous landscapes and National Parks in the US.