Shannon O'Dunn
Owner, O’Dunn Fine Art
Geological Sciences


  • BA Geology San Diego State University 1966
  • MS Geology Colorado University Boulder 1969

My university studies focused on Mineralogy and Igneous Geochemistry, with a special emphasis on pegmatites. Current areas of interest are Neoproterozoic evolutionary biology, and ichnology. My primary professional career was 36 years in the California Community Colleges, as Geology Instructor, Director of Grants/International Programs, and Dean of Fine Arts. Consulting for private industry included geotechnical field investigations for US Navy Hospital siting in San Diego, a commercial industrial park, seismic studies related to the Humboldt Bay Nuclear Power Plant, and quarry siting for US military infrastructure in Kosrae and Ponape, Micronesia. I co-authored the lab manual Exploring Geology (Peek Publications, Palo Alto) and multiple Earth Science instructional peripherals plus a CD for Thompson Publishing. After retirement, I owned a retail art gallery for several years in San Diego and am currently painting in pastels and showing my work in Colorado and California galleries and juried exhibitions.