Sabrina Kainz

I grew up in Hong Kong and came to CU Boulder for its Geosciences program. My first year, I worked as an undergraduate teaching assistant, which involved grading for classes such as the “Geology of Colorado” and “Water, Energy, and the Environment”. During my second-year, I began in Dr. Rebecca Flower’s thermochronology lab doing mineral separations, where I processed rock samples in search of apatite and zircon crystals for dating. The problems that can be resolved using this technique were incredibly fascinating. Shortly after, I started my own research which involved many exciting days of fieldwork in Colorado and New Mexico. I investigated the timing of erosion in the Great Plains using apatite minerals that can record how and when rocks cool. I received undergraduate funding to carry out research through CU’s Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP). I started at CU Geology not having a specific focus, but I have since found a love for Geochronology and Geobiology through both classes and research experience. I hope to continue studying these together while getting a graduate degree!