Ph.D. Student
Geological Sciences


Advisor:Tyler Jones Irina Overeem  


I work to develop UAV methods of constraining methane ebullition from thermokarst lakes and help understand their role in abrupt carbon release in permafrost regions. This idea blossomed from my work in Greenland where I continue to use a fixed wing drone flying up to 1600m to sample water vapor. Water vapor isotopes above and below the planetary boundary layer informs us of the entrainment of incoming weather systems to the ice sheet and helps us hone in on the uncertainty of future mass-balance.

When I am not working on my drones, I work in collaboration with NOAA's Global Monitoring Division. I characterize the stable isotopic composition of methane and carbon dioxide from locations around the world. We use this information to better understand the sources and sinks of greenhouse gases in atmospheric models. These models in turn give us one of our best chances to understand climate change as it changes our world.


M.S. Applied Physics, Colorado School of Mines

B.S. Engineering Physics, Colorado School of Mines