Shemin Ge, Steven Henning, Megan Brown, Sarah Evans, Matt Weingarten (just graduated!), 2016
toby speaking
Toby Speaking at Benson 20
Billy Armstrong (newly minted Dr.), Toby Halamka, Chunli Su, Megan Brown, Sarah Evans (newly minted Dr.), Ruirui Zhao, Shemin Ge, Becky Simons, Steven Hennings
Katherine Pfeiffer and Christine Nims conducting geothermal modeling
toby and Christine 2017
Toby and Christine looking for groundwater in Boulder
Lyndsay Ball
Nate Bradley, Zhi Wen, Lyndsay Ball, and Jessica King in South Park
Nadine Reitman
Nadine Reitman in Needles, Utah 2012
Kenneth Babcock
Kenneth Babcock conducting slug tests


  • Claudia Corona, Ph.D Candidate
  • Kelleen Lanagan, Ph.D Candidate
  • Lauren Salberg, MS Candidate

Selected Publications

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Hydrogeology Alumni

  • Megan Brown, PhD 2019, Northern Illinois University
  • Katherine Pfeiffer, MS, 2018 Student
  • Sarah G. Evans, PhD 2017, Appalachian State University
  • Matthew Weingarten, PhD 2016, San Diego State University
  • Steven Henning, MS 2016, Tetra Tech
  • Nora Catolico, MS 2015, National Ecological Observatory Network - NEON
  • Nadine Reitman, MS 2013, University of Colorado
  • Lyndsay Ball, PhD 2012, US Geological Survey
  • Jessica King, MS 2011.
  • Miori Yoshino, MS 2011. CH2M Hill
  • Brent Aigler, MS 2010.
  • Kenneth Babcock, MS 2007, ExxonMobil
  • Gregory Robertson, MS 2006, ExxonMobil
  • Paula Cutillo, PhD 2003. US National Park Service
  • Steve Shultz, 2003, Hazen and Sawyer
  • Stephani Tomusiak, MS 2001
  • Cheree Stover, PhD 2001. BP
  • John Marler, MS 2000. AEG
  • David Kinner, MS 1999, Western Carolina University
  • Miles Waite, PhD 1998, Waite-Heindel Environmental Management
  • Gordon McCurry, PhD 1997
  • Jennifer Hinds, MS 1997, University of Idaho
  • Andy Horn, MS 1997, Westwater Hydrology
  • Elizabeth Screaton, Postdoc, 1997, University of Florida