GEOL is always looking for undergraduate GEOL majors to hire as graders.  Some of the courses that typically need graders are:

GEOL 1010, GEOL 1020, GEOL 1040, GEOL 1170, GEOL 2040, GEOL 3410

As this is not a complete list, when sending your requests, please indicate all the GEOL courses you would be willing to grade so that we can determine a good fit.
We require that you have taken the course, or an equivalent, in order to grade for the intended course. 
The pay rate is $
16.00 per hour, approximately 2-6 hours of grading per week. You must be at least a part-time degree-seeking student enrolled in at least 6 credit hours.

If you are interested in grading for GEOL courses, please send a brief one-page résumé of experience, including all GEOL courses completed, to GeoAdmin.