Animal Studies Group Image

We are a group of faculty and students studying animals on the Boulder campus. We hail from many disciplines within the arts and science community (French and Italian, History, German and Slavic Studies, Sociology, Museum studies, Spanish and Portuguese, Molecular Biology etc.) and are open to faculty and students alike.

The main focus of the group is academic. Our goal is to have conversations about all aspects of animal studies across the humanities, the arts, and the sciences. We intent to share research formally as well as informally via meetings, blogs, talks and colloquia. In addition to sharing ideas, we aim to be a hub for campus-wide as well as national and international networking in the Animal Studies Field. We also want to be a place to connect, socialize, and share our animal interests and practices. We will be organizing various nature and animal activities such as bird-watching, nature hikes, visits to shelters and animal parks…This is a collaborative group. Each and all members should feel free to participate and organize activities: bringing expertise, activities, speaker suggestions, research topics and projects.