The face of a young boy from Uganda named WasswaWhile doing research in Uganda in 2009, I was able to visit Bright Kids Uganda home for children one afternoon, and those few hours touched me profoundly. I met children who had been displaced in Uganda's civil war, whose parents had died of AIDS, or who had simply been living on the streets. Two boys in particular made an enormous impression on me - twins named Wasswa and Kato. They're typical boys who love soccer and dream of becoming professional footballers. Kato was born with HIV, but Wasswa was not. Even though he is a child, Wasswa's face has a strong, heavy expression of someone much older. I wonder if it's because he feels a burden of being born healthy while caring for his twin. This photo of Wasswa illuminates the strength of the human spirit. You can support Bright Kids Uganda by making a donation. Your gift will be used to pay school fees for the children and provide housing, clothing, and food. Each gift makes a world of difference. 

"Every time you feel the desire to give a stroke, kiss, hug, gift, or smile, but you think it makes no difference, or that you don’t have time, do it. It matters. More than you could ever know. In fact, it’s really the only thing that does." -- Lucy Pierce