03/14/2023 - Charging into a porous future - Developed by Sajan Williams and Filipe Henrique as part of NSF CAREER and CU Next Awards. The project aims to make scientific papers more accessible to everyone. Sajan took the lead in writing and creating interactive plots based on their learnings of our paper. The website features interactive plots that allow users to explore the data in a more engaging and intuitive way. So, check it out and let us know your feedback!

01/16/2023 - Droplet shape on different planets - Developed by Filipe Henrique as part of CU Next Award. We teach in undergraduate fluid mech that surface tension makes a droplet spherical. It is sometimes hard to visualize competition of surface tension with gravity. We created an interactive simulation as a teaching tool. 

10/04/2022 - Human Stories Behind our Papers - Written by Nathan Jarvey for his paper https://doi.org/10.1149/1945-7111/ac908e