Forthcoming Articles:

“Shadows on the Wall of Reason: Diderot Before Fragonard.” 
       Forthcoming in: Inventing Agency.
           Ed. Claudia Brodsky (Bloomsbury Press, 2016). 

Recent Articles:

       In The Scattered Pelican, 1.1, 2015. 

“Politics of the Useless: The Art of Work in Heidegger and Benjamin.” 
       In “Sparks will Fly”: Benjamin and Heidegger.
           Ed. Dmitris Vardoulakis and Andrew Benjamin (Albany, NY: SUNY Press, 2015). 

“Agamben and the Messianic: The Slightest of Differences”
       In Messianic Thought Outside Theology
Ed. Anna Glazova and Paul North.  (New York: Fordham UP, 2014). 

“Mournful Translation: On the Name of Shelley's Adonais.” 
       Tragedy, Translation and Theory: In Honor of the Work of Thomas J. McCall.  In Romantic Circles (Special Issue)  Ed. Cathy Caruth, 2014. 

“Morality Without Intention: Parables of the Veil in Hawthorne and Benjamin's Goethe.” 
       In Critical Horizons.  Ed. Alison Ross.  2013.

“Entre los fines del fascismo y las exigencias revolucionarias: 
    la teologia de arte en ‘La obra de arte en la época de su reproductibilidad técnica’ de Walter Benjamin.”
       In Walter Benjamin: Convergencias entre Estética y Teología Política 
           Ed. Horst Nitschack, Eduardo Sabrovsky, and Miguel Vater, Ediciones Universidad Diego Portales, 2012. 

“Sebald y Benjamin: Los Ornamentos del tiempo y el espacio del olvido.”   
      In Walter Benjamin en la ex Esma. Justicia, Historia y Verdad. Escrituras de la Memoria
           Ed. Miguel Vedda, Alejando Kaufman, and Edouard Jozami (Buenos Aires: Prometeo, 2012).

Why Compare?”    
      In The Blackwell Companion to Comparative Literature. Ed. Ali Behdad and Dominic Thomas (New York: Blackwell, 2011).

The Gift of the Political: Schiller and the Greeks.”
       In Schiller Gedenken—Vergessen—Lesen.
           Ed. Rudolf Helmstetter, Holt Meyer, and Daniel Müller Nielaba (Paderborn: Fink Verlag, 2010).

Politics After Aesthetics: Disagreeing with Jacques Rancière.”
       In Parallax 15.3 (2009), 37-49.  Ed. Paul Bowman and Richard Stamp.
           Special issue on the work of Jacques Rancière with response by Jacques Rancière.

Fragments of an Interrupted Life: Keats, Blanchot and the Gift of Death.”
       In The Meaning of ‘Life’ in British Romantic Poetry and Poetics.
           Ed. Ross Wilson (New York: Routledge, 2009), 103-124.

Preserving Aesthetic Ecstasy: Bohrer”s Suddenness and the Moment of the Modern.” 
       English Language Notes 46.1 (Spring/Summer 2008), 209-218. 

“Deconstruzione e secolarizzazione di Sant’Ivo.”
       In Dopo il Museo.  Ed. Federico Luisetti and Giorgio Maragliano (Turin: Trauben, 2006), 23-50. 

       In Comparative Literature in the Age of Globalization
           Ed. Haun Saussy (Baltimore: Johns Hopkins UP, 2006), 78-99.