Filming a student on a video camera
Pat Clark
Student using a camera to take a picture of pink flowers.

The College of Media, Communication and Information is proud to provide two equipment locations and several media labs across the CU campus to help our students learn through technology. 

Equipment and facilities are available to students currently enrolled in CMCI classes or the college itself, as well as to CMCI faculty and staff.


Spring 2021 Updates- Equipment rooms closed for the student wellness day.

CMCI equipment rooms will be closed on Thursday, March 25, due to  Student Wellness Day. No returns will be scheduled or accepted that day. Please plan accordingly.


CMCI computer labs are open and equipment checkout is available from the Armory Vault or ENVD Checkout. Processes for use will look the same as the fall. Students will use a new online system to reserve equipment and specific days of the week have been established for equipment checkout and return. 

Computer labs are open for in-person use by reservation and at limited numbers and locations. You can also access the CMCI computer labs through a remote desktop interface. Information regarding the in-person use of labs, the remote desktop access, and what software is available for use in the remote desktop interface can be found CMCI computer labs page.

If you have concerns about accessing internet or computer resources for learning, there are technology and financial support resources available.