eRA InfoEd Access
If you are a new user or a current user who needs to increase their access to view additional departments, please refer to these instructions on how to request access.

Access Request Instructions

eRA InfoEd Login

If you experience an issue or have questions with one of the eRA systems, contact This action creates a ticket for the eRA team, which allows us to track user requests and measure our customer service response times. It’s important to email our helpdesk rather than contacting an individual support staff member so other staff can assist you in their absence. 

Please include a description of the issue, steps you took, screen shots as appropriate, and indicate the urgency. A ticket is automatically created and sends an email message to the support team. 

Once your email is submitted you will receive a confirmation email. An eRA team member will contact you either by phone or reply to your email. 

Support Hours

Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Tip to capture screen shots

A simple way to take a screen capture is to use the snipping tool built into Windows. Access the snipping tool by going to Windows Start Menu / All programs / Accessories / Snipping Tool or by typing “Snip” in the Windows search box.

Once you start the snipping tool you will see a slightly lighter screen and crosshairs. Select the area you want to capture.

Once you are satisfied the image shows enough information use CONTROL C to copy the image in the snipping tool window and paste it into the email. Please remember to include how urgent the issue is.