Why Reduce?

Waste Reduction Tips

E Waste

Reduce your electronic waste 

Paper & Printer Waste

Reducing your printing has a larger impact on both paper and toner cartridges!

Green Holidays

There are many ways to reduce your waste during the Holiday Season!

Reduce Junk Mail

Eco-Cycle outlines how to get rid of junk mail in 6 steps. This includes helpful tools and links to end the flow of junk mail.

Buy in Bulk

Buying products in bulk can drastically reduce the amount of waste an indiviual generates. Many stores offer certain foods and home products in bulk, like Refill Revolution. This local company offers a huge array of products that are available in sustainable ways. 

Advocacy and Campaigns

Boycotts and Procotts for Zero Waste
Presentation to the 2015 US Zero Waste Business Council conference.  Includes examples of strategies and tactics.
Be Straw Free Campaign
This campaign was created in order to educate the environmental impact that straws impose. This campaign began in 2011 by a 9-year-old named Milo Cress.
Take Back the Tap Campaign
A CU Boulder initiative in order to reduce the number of disposable water bottles on campus. 
Waste-pickers Campaign
Waste pickers are workers in an informal economy who recover recyclables.  This 2009 declaration highlights their struggles.