Dual Stream Recycling - Academic/Administrative Buildings

Over the 2009-2010 Academic year, CU Recycling has converted to an Enhanced Dual Stream (EDS) collection process in all the Academc/Adminsitrative buildings.  This means that your recyclables must be seperated into "Containers" and "Papers" and put in the appropriate bins.

Benefits of the Dual Stream collection system include:

  • Consolidation of the types of recycling bins to 2 main grades (Containers and Papers)
  • A larger variety of plastics collected in the “Containers” grade (#1-#7 plastic bottles, tubs, and jars)
  • Larger amounts of paper accepted in all “Papers” bins (any type of paper fiber)
  • Increased ability to recycle low grade papers (magazines, phonebooks, paperboard)
  • Increased ability to recycle all “Papers” in the desk side recycling bins
  • Maintaining high quality paper fibers by keeping the containers separate

Single Stream Recycling - Housing/Residence Halls

For the fall of 2012, all of the Housing department buildings, including all the Residence Halls, have been converted to a Single Stream Recycling collection process.  This means that you can put your "Containers" and your "Papers" together in one recycling bin.  Please keep cardboard seperate in the "Cardboad Only" bins, as it is very large and takes up too much space in the Single Stream bins.

Benefits of Single Stream collection system include:

  • Consolidation of the types of recycling to 1 main grade
  • Only 1 recycling bin needed in the Residence Hall rooms
  • Potential increase in participation due to ease of use
  • Less collection routes to pick up the recycling from the Housing buildings

Reasons why it makes sense to have Single Stream Recycling in Housing, but not the rest of campus:

  • Recycling collctions from Housing building dock areas are "automated" and do not require that someone go into the building to collect the materials
  • Recycling in a "residential" setting tends to have more low grade paper materials, reducing the down cycling of any high grade paper due to contamination from juices/sauces/liquids/etc.
  • Lack of "extra" space in each Residence Hall room for a 2 bin recycling system to keep "Containers" seperate from "Papers"
  • Ease of use for students in the Residence Halls with a 1 bin system