Food Waste

  • ALL food waste is acceptable
  • Meat, bones, and dairy are also acceptable
  • Remove ALL non-compostable packaging (plastic wrap, stickers, bags, etc)

Compostable Plastics

  • Certified compostable plastics only
  • Look for the following identifiers:
    • BPI Certified
    • #7 PLA on the plastic
    • the word "Compostable"
  • "Biodegradeable" does not mean the same as compostable... make sure its says "compostable"
  • Lids are okay if they say "compostable" or #7 PLA on them
  • Straws may not be marked, but if the both the cup/lid are compostable, the straw usually is too

Compostable Paper

  • No plastic lined paper
  • Wax coated paper is okay
  • #7 PLA coated paper is okay

Paper Towels/Napkins/Wood

  • paper towels, napkins, and tissues are great for compost
  • do not put them in the recycling bin... the paper quality is too low to be recycled and there is often food residue on them
  • paper only... no cloth, plastic coated, or other types of rags
  • No painted wood