Return Toner Cartridges and Ink Jets to your vendor when buying a new one!

  • Vendor will reuse or recycle 
  • Recycle in bin if your vendor will not take your toner or inkjet back

Toner and Ink Jet Collection Locations across campus:


in a basement recycling cabinet, next to 1B57 and vending machines


in main lobby, next to ATM

ARC East (Marine Street)

in basement, next to east exit to dock


Email Kate Bell to schedule drop off

Folsom Stadium

just inside OIT office, next to gate 6

Environmental Center (UMC 355)

bring to front desk of the Environmental Center

Distribution Center (33rd and Walnut area)

in mailing room, any drop offs go to front desk

Housing Maintenance (Marine Street)

dock area... not open to public drop off


What we accept: 

List of acceptable toners and ink jets