If you have excess office supplies that still have life, we can put them back to use!  Also, many office supplies cannot be put into typical recycling bins (tyvek envelops, transparencies, etc).

  • Usable office supplies are given back to students for free at the start of each semester
    • Look for the Free Office Supplies Drive in the UMC tabling area to give or grab used notebooks, binders, pens and more! 
  • Hard to recycle items, such as tyvek envelops and transparencies, can be recycled seperate from normal recycling bins

How to get office supplies reused or recycled:

  • Send to 209 UCB, Boulder, CO, 80309
    • If you are on campus, you can use campus mail... send to 209 UCB
  • Bring it up to the Environmental Center in UMC 355