Acceptable Materials

Alkaline batteries 

Rechargeable batteries

Lithium cells


Sealed Lead Acid

Button-cell batteries

Cell Phone batteries

Laptop Batteries


CU-Boulder's Environmental Health & Safety department accepts sealed and non-leaking recharchageable batteries and batteries from pagers, cell phones, laptops, etc. from University operations. Alkaline batteries from campus departments can now also be recycled through their program. 

Any/all small sealed battery types are acepted in EHS campus battery collection containers, including: alkaline batteries, rechargeable batteries, lithium cells, nickel-cadmium, sealed lead acid, button-cell, cell-phone batteries, laptop batteries, etc.  Here is a table of battery collection sites on campus: 

Main Campus                                                                       East Campus 

UMC 1st floor near bathrooms, west of Starbucks RL-3 (ARCE) Inside the North entrance
Norlin Library East Entrance  RL-2 Near recycling bins by the dock
Regent Administrative Center 1st floor, East lobby Housing Maintenance (HMSC) Near the service desk
Campus Police & Parking Services Lobby Jennie Smoly Caruthers Biotechnology Inside Chemistry Stores
Stadium Facilities Management Service Desk SEEC East receiving dock
Engineering Center 1st floor, Main entrance Distribution Center Opposite service desk
Wolf Law 3rd floor, Dean’s suite LASP 1st floor hallway
Duane Physics 1st floor lobby, Gamov Tower Space Science In entry, near reception
Center for Community (C4C) 1st floor near elevators Transportation Past service office, left side
Environmental Health & Safety 2nd floor copier room    
Leeds Business 3rd floor Technology Center    
Ramaley Biology West wing, admin office    
Porter 2nd level, next to elevators    

Do you want to help even further? Please apply tape to all battery terminals or place each battery separately into a plastic baggie to prevent short circuits while in transit to the recycling facility. The university recycles all battery types.                                

For additional information about battery recycling, please call EHS at 303-492-7845