Composting Off Campus

The city and county of Boulder have curbside composting. But it is up to you to set this up with your local trash hauler! 

Western disposal collecting curbside composting


Are you into gardening? Backard composting can benefit your own yard with some nutrient rich soil for your garden to soak up.

Earth Day is Every Day

make your own FREE compost and have healthier soil in only 10 minutes per week eliminating up to 30% of your garden water bill AND up to 30% of your garbage!

With backyard composting, your best bet is to either;

1. Set up a composting system in your backyard... All you need is some wood stakes, some chicken wire (to keep animals out), and access to water as well as something to mix it up with from time to time. 

backyard compost pile

2. Or, if you have some extra cash in your pocket, hit up Home Depot or a store of the sort and buy yourself an outdoor compost container... They come in all shapes and sizes! 

​​three backyard compost 'barrels'

However, not every compostable item can break down in your back yard. #7 PLA plastics, for example, can not be composted in your backyard. To find out why, head to the How Compost Works page

Japanese Compost Method: The bokashi cycle is a anaerobic fermentation process of compostable material that uses microorganisms to break down enzymes of the compostable material. An individual sprinkles 3-6 teaspoons of the bokashi mix into the bottom of the compost bucket. Then add compostable material and push it down with the pressure plate. After 10 days the material will be completely composted and can be placed back into the soil of the earth. This process completely eliminates all greenhouse gases.