CSA box of vegetables

CSAs: Fresh Food for Communities and the Environment

April 6, 2022

The term CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture.

Trash Bot

AI Robotics in Recycling

April 6, 2022

Each year, over 90 million tons of recyclable material end up in United States’ landfills. The inefficiency of the recycling system in the U.S. is largely due to contamination , or the disposal of non-recyclable materials into the recycling stream. It is estimated that, on average, 1 in every 4...

Items that create Eco Anxiety

Loving the Earth While Dealing With Climate Anxiety

April 6, 2022

Many college students seek an active lifestyle when choosing to come to CU. Having these hobbies is only one part of our appreciation for Mother Earth, with the beauty of exploring and protecting our environment becoming an even bigger passion for these like-minded people.

Eco friendly hotel for spring break

How to Have a Sustainable Spring Break

March 15, 2022

Spring break is just around the corner… are you ready! More importantly, are you thinking about how to make your spring break more sustainable so that we can keep celebrating this break from class for generations to come?

Cows in a factory farm

It May Be Uncomfortable, But We Need to Talk About It: The Animal Agriculture Industry and Zero Waste

March 15, 2022

The animal agriculture industry is the leading cause of most environmental degradation that is currently occurring. These detrimental effects happen due to overgrazing, habitat loss, overfishing, and more. We are currently in the next mass extinction and animal agriculture is only fueling this catastrophe. Waste in the meat industry, too,...

CU Recycling staff moving poly carts at the ROC

What is the ROC? (Yeah, We Do Have On-Campus Recycling.)

March 15, 2022

Did you know that CU has an on-campus recycling facility? The Recycling Operations Center (or the ROC) is an intermediate step in the recycling process between campus buildings and the end markets for recycling.

Spring Cleaning

Zero Waste Spring Cleaning

March 15, 2022

Spring has sprung and some people are itching for change. Now is the perfect time to incorporate sustainability into your cleaning routine. It is important to declutter your life and the best way to do that is to make donations, shop sustainably, recycle correctly, and reduce the amount of waste...

Women showing at thrift store racks

A Guide to Thrift Purchasing for Your Closet

March 10, 2022

Are you bored with your closet? Do you want to purchase new clothing but can’t afford ethically/sustainably made clothing? Don’t turn to fast-fashion brands like Shein for a cheap low-quality fashion fix. Buy second-hand! It’s cheap, sustainable, and keeps donated clothing out of the landfill.

Sources for milk alternatives

Milk Alternatives

March 7, 2022

The dairy industry has a substantial impact on the environment. Farmers tend to about 270 million cows in order to produce milk. Having this large scale production has an enormous environmental impact. Large amounts of water are used to sustain the dairy industry with raising cattle, growing food, and processing...

Water drop creating a ripple effect

Issues with Plastic Bags & the Ripple Effect

Feb. 23, 2022

100 million plastic bags are used in America each year. One of the first steps to living an environmentally friendly lifestyle is to eliminate plastic bags from your life. This action can start to feel arbitrary. Is switching to reusable bags really making that much of a difference? This article...