Policy Statement

Periodically, a student may wish to remove the Student Transit Pass Fee from their account. The Sustainable Transportation Program at the Environmental Center is responsible for establishing and maintaining this policy with both the Student Billing office and Regional Transportation District (RTD). Waiver requests may be considered on a case-by-case basis or by rule; case-by-case waiver requests are thoroughly documented for record keeping and may be communicated to the Student Billing office and/or RTD. Rule criteria are listed below.

Criteria for Fee Waivers

A student requesting waiver of their student bus & bicycle programs fee must meet one of the following criteria:

  1. The student does not live or attend classes within the RTD system. 
  2. The student owns a RTD Eco Pass (provided either by an employer or neighborhood).
  3. The student is active duty military.
  4. A student has permanent mobility impairment which prevents them using public transit.
  5. As considered on a case-by-case basis.

Procedure for Waiver Requests

  • To prevent students from using a pass and then requesting a fee waiver the request and relevant proof must be submitted by the following dates:
    • Fall term - October 1
    • Spring term - March 1
    • Summer term - July 1
  • All waiver requests must originate by completing the Fee Waiver Request Form. Questions regarding the Fee Waiver Policy and Procedure may be sent by email to buspass@colorado.edu.
  • All waiver requests are considered against the above criteria by the Sustainable Transportation program.
  1. Students meeting Criteria #1: the Sustainable Transportation Program office confirms the student’s registered mailing address as out of system through RTD's trip planner function. A 1/2-mile walking tolerance is used.
  2. Students meeting Criteria #2: the Sustainable Transportation Program office verifies the Eco Pass or College Pass.
  3. Students meeting Criteria #3: the Sustainable Transportation program office verifies the military ID. This criterion is valid only during the fare-free period established by RTD.
  4. Students meeting Criteria #4: the student will submit information regarding their impairment to Disability Services. Disability Services will review the submitted information and forward pertinent information to the Sustainable Transportation program.
  • Once a waiver request is deemed valid, the Sustainable Transportation office will request the waiver through the Student Billing adjustments coordinator.
  • When it is determined that the student is eligible for the fee waiver, the Adjustments Coordinator in Student Billing will credit the student’s account.
    • Note: the student's account should be paid in accordance with the terms set forth by the university Bursar's Office. If a waiver is granted after the fee is paid, the student will be reimbursed.
  • Student fees will be waived for the current term only. Requests to waive fees for a past semester will be denied. A student may not request a waiver of a future semester.
  • Waiver requestors must meet and demonstrate their eligibility in the current term. For example, a student must present their Eco Pass within the term to waive the fee for the term; a student may not present their pass for a past terms' waiver request.