Frequent Smart Card Questions

Can I waive the Transit Pass Fee?

You will need to fill out the Fee Waiver Form to waive your fee. Please read the following information first to make sure you are eligible for this fee waiver. 

The College Pass program is a mandatory fee that was passed by the student body in 1991 and again in 2009. However, if you already have a valid EcoPass, a valid military pass, live outside of the RTD service area, or have a disability that prevents you from using public transit you can get a refund to your Transit Pass Fee. For more information view the Transit Pass Fee Waiver Policy. If you meet the qualifications, fill out the Fee Waiver Form and we will verify your eligibity and process your fee waiver.

If you are taking all of your classes remotely your Bus and Bike Program fees are automatically being refunded by the Bursar's office. Their FAQ Page has useful information on this topic. 

Fee Waiver Form

Can I use my College Pass to get to the Denver International Airport (DIA)?

Yes, your College Pass will get you to the airport and back without paying the fare box a single penny. This trip is normally $10.50 each way from Boulder. During peak student travel times, RTD runs two buses instead of one and has a support vehicle with extra personal to help get you loaded on the bus quickly and off to the airport. For schedules and more skyride information click the button below.

DIA Sky Ride

My card keeps failing when I tap it on the bus' card reader.

Please contact before visiting the Buff OneCard office. They don't have the ability to check your RTD card status.

If you have graduated, took a semester off, or didn't pay your student fees for a semester, your card was permenantly deactivated. If your card isn't working and you are still enrolled please email with your name and the 10 digits under your image and we will figure out the issue and either fix it or give you further direction.

RTD has informed us that cards that are numbered between 00707001-00710000 are defective and will never work. If you have a card in this range, please visit the Buff OneCard office in C4C to get a free replacment card. 



If a driver denies you access to ride or charges you even though you have an active student bus pass, please contact RTD customer service at or 303-299-6000 with the route, bus #, direction of travel, stop, and time/date of this problem so they can directly contact the driver. We can also forward this info to RTD if you send it to


Download as PDF


Where and when can I pick up my new pass?

Due to Covid-19 the Buff OneCard office is working to limit the number of visitors to their office. They will mailing out the majority of new cards to your home address. Please contact them at or call 303-492-0355 for more information. 

Buff One Card Office

I lost my pass, where do I get a new one?

Whether you lost, broke, or had your pass stolen you'll need to visit the Buff OneCard office in C4C to get a replacement pass. The replacement fee is $10 and this covers our cost of the card, printing, and administration. Just like a credit card, you are only allowed to have one valid card at a time. We will take care of permanantly deactivating your previous pass and assigning your new pass.

I'm not enrolled in classes this semester, but I want to keep riding the bus. Can I buy a pass?

If you are taking a semester off and are officially enrolled in the Leave of Absence program, you can purchase a bus pass. Currently the pass is $95 a semester and you can purchase it from the Buff OneCard office in C4C. This will also give you access to services through the bike stations. You are responsible for proving to the card office with proof that you are signed up for the Leave of Absence program. If you have graduated or withdrawn from classes please contact RTD to purchase a bus pass.

Stay Connected Program   Time Off Program


RTD is an important partner of the sustainable tranportation program with the College Pass program. In 1991, students voted in favor of adding a student fee to the general fees paid along with tuition. Each semester, every student is issued a bus pass that can be used in conjunction with the Buff OneCard. With this pass, ride any regularly scheduled RTD route fare-free. CU fee-paying students can pick up their bus pass card at the Campus Card Office in room N180 in the Center for Community building.

Use Google's Trip Planner for RTD.

Special Transit is an important partner of the Sustainable Transportation Program because of the Student Bus Pass and Late Night Transit. The popular HOP bus route is operated by Special Transit and, like other RTD routes, is fare-free when students present their Bus Pass. Late Night Transit is a late night/early morning bus service operated by Special Transit.

In the spring of 2009, students voted 8:1 in favor of increasing their fee to maintain their bus pass & bicycle programs.

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