CU Late Night TransitGetting you home safely late at night

Late Night Transit features four lines of service which run from 10:00pm until 3am on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights of the regular semester.

For frequency and estimated arrival time check the CU Bus Tracker app or visit Until 10:00pm for the HOP and 11:30pm for the Buff Bus, regular routes and schedules are run. After that, 6 buses run until midnight and then 5 buses run from midnight until 3:00am.

The service is closed for most university holidays. Check our service schedule calendar below before making plans of going out on the town.

Late Night Transit Schedule

Arrival Time Prediction and Tracking

Bus tracking and arrival predictions for the Buff Bus, HOP, and Late Night Transit bus routes available at or download the CU Bus Tracker app for free in the App Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android). 


Gold Line:

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Black Line:

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Silver Line:

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Brown Line:

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