Bike Station Status
The UMC Bike Station has moved! It's now the TLC station on the other side of the UMC below CASE and near the Art Museum. Both stations are OPEN. Stations can close any time due to weather, staff illness, etc. Email with any Bike Station related questions.

Daniel at the bike station

The Bike Stations offer free maintenance assistance to fee-paying students to keep you in the saddle. Bike registration is required.

Summer Station Hours

TLC Station: M-F 10-4:30

Folsom Bike Station: M-F 10-4:30

*Hours vary depending on weather and student staff availability. Our mechanics work outdoors with their hands and the stations are closed many days in the winter. Days when the high is below 50, the stations will likely be closed.

Student employees must isolate after testing COVID positive so staffing is also difficult this semester. See the current information on isolation and quarantine.

​*The Bike Stations may close on days the AQI (Air Quality Index) reaches >100 and will definitely be closed on days the AQI reaches 150.

Services Offered

Our bike station mechanics are here to assist you in maintaining your registered bike and in doing light repairs.

  • Bike Registration
  • Safety Checks
  • Tire inflation
  • Chain lubrication
  • Flat fixing
  • Brake adjustment
  • Shifting adjustment

Both the TLC and Folsom stations are equipped to patch tubes and provide a free, new tube when the old tube cannot be patched. We can also replace cables and housing when needed and when time allows. During busy times, such as the beginning of semesters, when multiple people are lined up for repairs, we prioritize light maintenance try to keep each bike service to 15 minutes.

We do not supply parts other than tubes, cables, and housing, but we can help you replace certain parts if you bring them to the bike stations. We can also help you determine which parts may need replacing. We do not overhaul bearings, supsension, or build wheels.

Brake pads, tires, cables and housing are examples of parts our mechanics can help you replace. If you are hoping to have a specific part replaced at the bike stations, it's a good idea to email and run it by our staff. Many repairs and part replacements should be done at a local bike shop where they have more tools and more experienced professional staff.

E-Bike maintenance: Our repair stands are not suitable for handling electric bikes, nor are our staff trained for the various kinds of motor connections and specific dropouts. E-bikes are generally too heavy for our stands and for our staff to lift. Local bike shops have hydraulic lift stands and are better equipped for e-bike repairs. We are able to do some e-bike adjustments, but be ready to remove the battery from the bike. If the repair involves removing the rear wheel and the bike has a rear hub motor, we will refer you to a local bike shop. We will fix flat rear tires if you bring us the wheel already removed from the bike.

You must remain at the station while your bike is repaired and we take no responsibility for stolen bikes that were left at the station. 

​TLC and Folsom Bike Station Locations 

TLC location in Google Maps

Folsom location in Google Maps

Bike Station Locations Map

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