Do you know the rules for cycling on the CU Boulder campus?

Bicycles on Campus:

  1. YieldRiding: With the exception of CU Police officers, bicyclists riding on campus streets and on bike paths must obey posted speed limits and traffic devices. Bicyclists riding on campus sidewalks and multi-use paths (including those on e-bikes) must yield the right of way to pedestrians and must ride at speeds safe for existing conditions.
  2. Dismount Zones: Dismount zones are portions of the CU Boulder sidewalk system where bicycle riding, skateboarding and the use of personal transportation devices are restricted. Pedestrian safety zones have been established to reduce the risk of injury to pedestrians along CU Boulder’s sidewalks, and are marked with signs. In dismount zones all cyclists, and boarders are required to dismount and walk through the dismount zone. Dismount zone requirements are effective during class change.
  3. Bike ParkingBicycle Parking: Bicycles must be parked in bicycle parking racks. Bicycles that create safety or environmental hazards or block access to handrails, ramps, parking meters, signage or building entrances may be issued citations and impounded.
  4. Bike Lights: It is required by law on campus or within the City of Boulder that all cyclists riding after dusk must have a white front light and red rear reflector.
  5. Bike Helmets: It is NOT REQUIRED BY LAW to wear a helmet on campus or within the City of Boulder, but we do recommend that all cyclists wear one while riding. 
  6. Registration: CU Boulder regulations require that bikes parked regularly on campus be registered.

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