Clinic Registration

The CU Bike Program and Rec Center presents the Bike Maintenance Clinics Program. It is a comprehensive program that will teach students the fundamental skills needed to maintain their bikes and allow them to continue to ride on campus and elsewhere safely.

The goal of the CU Boulder Bike Maintenance Clinics Program is to increase ridership and promote safe riding in the cycling community.

The Bike Maintenance Clinics Program offers 8 bike maintenance curriculums starting with Basic Bike Maintenance and ending with Replacing Broken Spokes and Wheel Truing. There is a natural progression designed into the program offering each student the chance to truly refine their bike maintenance skills and continue to ride safely.

Each Bike Maintenance Clinic is 1 hour long. This 1-hour clinic will then be followed by 1-hour of shop time, where students will have time to ask questions and work on their new skills as a bike mechanic. Clincs are FREE to all students and affiliates of CU Boulder. 

Bike Clinics

Bike Maintenance Clinics  

  • Basic Bike Maintenance & Flat Repair
  • Brake Systems Maintenance
  • Derailleur Systems Maintenance
  • Drive Train Maintenance
  • Hub Overhaul & Maintenance
  • Replacing Broken Spokes & Wheel Truing
  • Open Workshop
  • Commuting By Bike Workshop
  • Women, Trans*, Femme Cycling Workshop

Upcoming Clinics  

Flat Tire Image

Information coming soon. We are coordinating with the CU Rec Center on future classes

In the Basic Bike Maintenance & Flat Repair clinic students will learn how to properly clean and lube the major components of the bike and repair a flat tire and indentify any issues, which may have caused the damage.