3-7-23 Staff Update

March 7, 2023

3-7-23 Staff Update In this message: Staff Info Tomorrow: Staff Meet-Up with Pizza & Repair Your Wear, Noon - 1:30 Wednesday 3/8 Customer Service/ Public Interaction professional development training 3/15 - how to represent the E-Center (and future employers) Changes coming to Compost Guidelines! Upcoming Events and Opportunities for Engagement...

3-1-23 Staff Update

March 1, 2023

3-1-23 Staff Update In this message: Staff Info Staff Meet-Up next Wednesday 3/8 with Pizza & Repair Your Wear Recycling Round-Up shifts this Friday 3/3 Customer Service/ Public Interaction training 3/15 - how to represent the E-Center (and future employers) Changes coming to Compost Guidelines! Access to the Environmental Center...

Carbon labeling system. graphics of planets that are red, yellow, and green

Potential Carbon Labeling in CU Boulder's Dining halls

More people each year are changing their diet to a diet that is more sustainable and better for the planet. Companies like Oatly, are starting to put carbon labels on their products. These labels allow consumers to see the true carbon impact of their food, and products.

Profile picture of Brandon Smith

Sustainable Buff Q&A with Brandon C. Smith, CU's Assistant Director of Sustainable Transportation

Brandon Smith, CU's Assistant Director of Sustainable Transportation shares insight into his daily responsibilities, providing tips for students interested in pursuing a career in the field, as well as information on the necessary qualifications.

Raphie and student on golf cart

The Future of Electric Transportation

With the rise of climate change awareness and government incentives to electrify our grid, here is a brief overview of the benefits and barriers to electrification.

Protest for climate

Climate Anxiety

We hear about climate change almost every day of our lives, thanks to countless news reports and social media, so it’s understandable if we are all living with a bit of anxiety relating to how climate change is impacting us today, or how it will impact us in the future. Understanding climate anxiety and how to combat it has never been more critical. This article will tackle that for you.

Be Boulder sign with someone biking past

Action of the Month: Car Share, Bike & Bus

Getting around campus can seem intimidating with the multitude of options available to both students and staff, but with a little research and the use of your Buff OneCard, you can find the best, and most sustainable form of transportation for your lifestyle

A person biking

A Sustainable Buff's perspective on getting around Boulder

Getting around Boulder can be easy and sustainable. There are options like buses, bikes and scooters, or just walking. These options are eco-friendly and cost effective.

2-22-23 Staff Update

Feb. 22, 2023

2-22-23 Staff Update In this message: Staff Info Extra Work Hours: Recycling RoundUp , Postering, Basketball Compost Sort Summer Work-Study Application available TODAY Now Hiring: Campus Garden Coordinators Upcoming Events and Opportunities for Engagement Thursday 2/23 Art + Activism Event Thursday 2/23 Climate Action in Government, Business, and Civil Society...


Sustainable Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is the fifth-largest consumer holiday in the United States, falling behind the winter holidays such as Christmas and Hanukkah & Mother's Day. According to two local florists, Boulder Blooms & Petals Boulder, Valentine’s day is their second busiest holiday falling behind Mother's Day. With such popularity, it’s not surprising that Americans spend billions on gifts.