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Green Labs Student Staff Highlights (March)

Christian Andrew Wagner is a third-year student majoring in Biochemistry with minors in Chemistry and MCDB. He adrenalizes over discovery and critical thinking. Christian has an affinity for learning from others and enjoys working within a team. His interests include chemical and structural biology, plant-based pharmaceuticals, coordination chemistry applications, and...

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Free 5mL tubes

There are an estimated ~100,000 of 5 ml centrifuge/conical tubes (probably about 75,000 are in foam bases, and then 25,000 are just in bags) free to take for anyone interested or needing tubes for their labs! These new, unused conicals are left from a COVID testing project. Please contact CU...

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International Laboratory Freezer Challenge

The International Laboratory Freezer Challenge is a cold storage competition for laboratories run by the non-profit organizations My Green Lab and the International Institute for Sustainable Laboratories ( I2SL ). Compete with labs to improve sample accessibility & integrity, reduce costs, and improve energy efficiency for cold storage in your...

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BioCore Surplus Closet

Visit the BioCore surplus closet located in the Porter Biosciences building, room B435 (4 th floor). That room is available to you and is stocked with a cache of items that may help you (gas regulators, glassware, lab tools, hot/stir plates, Bunsen burners, rings stands and accessories, etc.). Everything in...

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Household Eco-Conscious Living!

March 14, 2023

Read here to learn about household and lifestyle DIYs that will help you take care of yourself, your home, and other lifestyle necessities. These easy (and fun!) hacks will save you time and money, including utilizing items you may already own.

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The Issues with Greenwashing

With sustainability becoming much more critical to the public than in the past, many brands are changing their business models to be friendlier to the planet- or at least they say they are. This practice is called greenwashing. Greenwashing, specifically, when businesses claim that their products are environmentally friendly without that being the case.

3-14-23 Staff Update

March 13, 2023

3-14-23 Staff Update In this message: Staff Info Tomorrow Wednesday 3/15 How to represent the E-Center (and future employers) Customer Service/ Public Interaction training Paid training opportunity: Recycle Like a Buff - Zero Waste 101 Canvas Course Changes to campus Compost Guidelines! Upcoming Events and Opportunities for Engagement This Saturday...

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Water Conservation

Water conservation is becoming increasingly important as the Western United States faces mega-droughts and water sources become more stressed.

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CUBT Sustainable Buffs Carbon Labeling

The University of Colorado is piloting a Carbon Labeling Program at the Alferd Packer Grill to reduce food-related emissions. The labels indicate the environmental impact of the products and aim to influence students’ food choices. The Environmental Center is seeking feedback and offers resources for lowering its food footprint.

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Wildfire Preparedness

This article provides a guide for residents of Boulder, Colorado, to be better prepared for wildfires. Being prepared can help residents feel more in control of the situation and keep their households safe.