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Benefits of Sustainable Transportation

July 6, 2022

There are numerous sources of transportation which directly pollute the air and contribute to climate change. However, there are easy and accessible ways of swapping dirty forms of transportation for greener ones

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Sustainable Transportation for GFH

July 5, 2022

Want to know more about how to get around Boulder? As a CU student, staff, or faculty member there are many sustainable options available to you!


Help achieve your zero waste goal through our Facebook Item Exchange Group!

July 5, 2022

Moving and can’t bring you larger electronics, such as a TV, microwave, or blender? Don’t throw them away! Consider selling or giving away good-condition items you no longer want/need on our Facebook group: The Graduate and Family Housing Item Exchange At CU Boulder .

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Decrease carbon emissions by riding your bike in GFH

July 5, 2022

According to the EPA, 27% of greenhouse gas emissions came from the transportation Economic Sector in 2020. This type of greenhouse gas emissions include “primarily…burning fossil fuel for our cars, trucks, ships, trains, and planes. Over 90% of the fuel used for transportation is petroleum based, which includes primarily gasoline and diesel.”

Environmental Center staff

The CU Environmental Center and GFH

July 5, 2022

Want to know more about what makes CU one of the most sustainable campuses in the United States? Green Campus Tours are a great opportunity to learn more about various “green” features of CU’s main Boulder campus.

Food from BFR

GFH Community Free Food Distribution

July 5, 2022

The Environmental Center, in partnership with CU Housing and the Boulder Food Rescue offers a weekly delivery of FREE rescued food to Graduate and Family Housing! The goal is to put excess food from grocery stores to use and make it accessible to the Graduate and Family Housing community.

Profile picture of former President of Ireland Mary Robinson

Five Questions with Climate Justice Advocate Mary Robinson

We pose five questions to former President of Ireland Mary Robinson, who is among the featured speakers at the first Right Here, Right Now Global Climate Summit. Former U.N. high commissioner of human rights and author of the 2019 bestseller Climate Justice: Hope, Resilience, and the Fight for a Sustainable...

Two students planting potatoes

Garden Days of Summer- June 2022

Are you looking to meet new people on campus and be outside in the lovely Colorado sun? The CU Farm Club is a great place for those who have “green thumbs” or have always wanted to be a plant parent. Join the club today!

group of students at donation bins 2022 Move Out event

CU Boulder Recycling Services Rocks Move Out 2022

Student and staff volunteers helped divert 17.32 tons of materials from landfills.

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Welcome Leoncio, the new Green Labs Program Assistant

Welcome Leoncio, the Green Labs Program Assistant! He hopes to work with campus leaders in driving sustainable lab practices to further aid CU Boulder’s commitment to sustainable solutions.