CU Launches Innovative Rewards App

Sept. 26, 2017

What if you were rewarded every time you rode the bus, shared a bike or a car, refilled your water bottle, donated your time or recycled? Well, you can be now. CU Boulder, a leader in sustainability and tech innovation, has teamed up with PIPs Rewards to beta test an...

Volunteer to help with Move-in

Aug. 23, 2017

Recycling Ambassador On average, over 10 tons of cardboard and over 60 yards of styrofoam will be diverted from the landfills by CU Recycling, using Recycling Ambassadors at the dock of each residence hall! Ambassadors assist with styrofoam, plastic bag and cardboard collections and provide education and outreach to first...

Fashion Swap: Summer Edition 8/16

Aug. 7, 2017

Are you getting ready to update your closet for the Fall? Do you have clothes that you no longer wear? Hold on to your threads until Wednesday August 16th and bring them to the CU Fashion Swap: Summer Edition to celebrate sustainable fashion! You don't need to bring anything to...

Charlie Reighart (Tour Information)

Tour features: Explanation of county's program, tour of transfer station and MRF facility. Topics: recycling and waste prevention, waste energy, landfilling

Kathleen Carroll

Western Disposal Services. Tour Features and Topics Covered: Trash transfer station, Commercial composting facility, Recycling, Composting

Michelle Minstrell

Title of Presentation / Topics Covered: Construction Waste Recycling, Mercury Lamps/PCB Ballasts Recycling, Electronics Recycling, Paint Recycling Collection, Municipal Recycling programs, campus recycling initiatives, commercial business recycling programs/initiatives, organics collection programs.

Wynne Coplea

Title of Presentation / topics covered: Sustainable Materials Management: what does this mean to recycling industry?; Sustainability 101; Effective Communication in Promoting SMM/Recycling; Recycling and Sustainability; Sustainable Operations

Charlie Reighart (Presentation Information)

Title of presentation/ Topics covered: Recycling and waste prevention, waste energy, landfilling, bureau of solid waste management

Lynn Rubinstein

Title of Presentation / Topics Covered: Electronics Recycling; a wide range of aspects

We Are Hiring Students!

May 1, 2017

The E-Center is accepting applications for 2017-18 student employment. If you have any intention of working in sustainability after you graduate, the E-Center is the perfect place to launch your career. Why work with us? Just think of all the things that make campus more sustainable. Recycling and composting, and...